Robic SC-522 Timer

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Robic SC-522 setting operation for 90 seconds into Countdown Timer Countdown from 120 seconds. ▼ The time will appear as 02.00 or Two minute:)) seconds; with the time value set at all zeros, press A to select minutes and seconds (the colon “:” appears). Enter the time by pressing and holding A > 3 seconds. The digit on the far right appears flashing…set it to zero (0) pressing C until 0 appears. Then, press A again to set the second digit from the right. Press C to advance to 3 Press A again and then C advance the digit to the immediate left of the colon to 1 Press D to load your time and exit the setting process. After entering the preset time, press C to start counting down. You may press C to stop (STOP appears) and restart the timing as required. If the Beep tone is active, single Pre-alert beeps sound with 30, 3, 2 and 1 seconds remaining. Upon completion, the SC-522 will sound a rapid beep tone and reset to the preset time. Pre-Alert and Completion time beep tones always sound whether Silent or Beep Tone


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Tim 6th Feb 2017

Buy a Reg Stopwatch

The thought is there but I feel a regular stop watch can do the job.

Bob 2nd Feb 2017

can turn it off

Its not very good. can not turn it off so the battery will die at some unknown point. Also it has a string that was not shown so i have to cut it off.

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